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Ultra-Low Application Temperature Packaging

January 3, 2023Sebastijan Bach

Sustainability is not just a buzzword for you? You are not happy with your case sealing adhesive carbon footprint? Let us resolve this issue once and for all. When it comes to end-of-line packaging industry, we provide a variety of key advantages that maximize manufacturing efficiency and cost in use when it comes to case and carton sealing adhesives. Keep your packages closed with peace of mind with IFS Industries hot melt case adhesives, which offer high performance, trouble-free bonding, reduced adhesive consumption, and unparalleled versatility and low energy consumption. Our adhesive solutions are suitable for a variety of applications across a range of substrates and service temperatures, including:

  • Dry foods and cereals
  • Frozen foods
  • Beer, spirits, water, and other beverages
  • Meat, dairy and other refrigerated foods
  • Family, fabric, and home care
  • Agriculture

Start saving energy by switching to our ultra-low application temperature packaging hot melt adhesives.

DURAPRO M-375 is our ultra-low application temperature packaging hot melt adhesive, by lowering the application temperature you consume less energy and improve your #sustainability position. It runs reliable and clean at lowest maintenance levels, unparalleled bonding spectrum, water white and low odor.

DURAPRO M-375 shows excellent low temperature bonding performance at highest line speeds, let’s get a little bit more sustainable, step by step, together!

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